ZFD in Hot Water with Overtime

by Emily Baird on June 25, 2010 at 8:40 am

The Zanesville Fire Department is still having issues with overtime when it comes to looking at the city’s tight clamp on the budget.

At this afternoon’s Public Safety Committee meeting, it was determined that during the last pay period, the fire department sucked up 54 percent of all overtime worked in the city.

Fire Chief, Dave Lacy, specified that most of that overtime came from the summer’s vacation period, but Councilman Andrew Roberts says this overtime is becoming a concern.

"Enough that we may need to take a look at it in the coming weeks to see what we need to do to better manage it, " says Roberts.

The fire department has a minimum of 12 men who have to cover each shift, but covering that shift without overtime has become a problem, especially after it let three people go to cover budgetary issues.

"I put a proposal together that would basically not fill that 12th man if it needed be run with overtime. It would not impact public safety at all due to the fact that we are running lieutenants. They are not included in minimum manning, " says Roberts.

The lieutenants are not included in the minimum manning because they’re filing to be a separate bargaining union, which is an issue the department is looking into. The department failed to comment to us about how those talks are going right now.