ZPD Decreasing Department’s Overtime

by Emily Baird on June 25, 2010 at 8:28 am

The city is also discussing how the Zanesville Police Department is handling its overtime issues, and the consensus was all involved were doing a good job.

Chief Eric Lambes says he would like to think he’s contributed to the decline in overtime.

"I give most of the credit to the officers. They’re doing their best to cut down on overtime while still giving the citizens good protection, " says Lambes.

Lambes says one of the areas the department has cut overtime deals with officers showing up for court when a case has been postponed or cancelled. He says an officer has been assigned to look at every case to prevent that from happening, but the budget constraints have left an imprint on the officers as well.

"We’re not providing nearly as much education and training to the officers as i would like. Basically, we don’t have an overtime budget for that. So, it’s not all roses, we are suffering, " says Lambes.

Those attending the Public Safety Committee meeting also want to look at possibly combining the city and the county jail to save on costs. They say they want to see if it’s feasible. Zanesville is one of two counties in the state that have a city and county jail.