45th Annual Plate Breaking Ceremony

by Brittany Harris on July 15, 2010 at 7:10 am

The 45th Annual Crooksville-Roseville Pottery Festival had it’s plate breaking ceremony today at the Ceramic Museum in Roseville.

President of the Jaycees, Bill Moore, helped create this event along with the other nine members forty-five years ago.

"One of our Jaycees, Jack Frame, had been to the pumpkin show, and he and his brother had been talking on the way back, that we had more to show than just pumpkins, so that’s where the idea came from and we decided to do so at a Jayycee meeting and we went around to talk to various manufacturers, there were probably twenty pottery manufacturers at the time and they all agreed to help us and donate some pottery," said Moore.

The reigns of the event have now been passed over to the Ceramic Museum.

"I try to put together events and programs for this season. This is my first season doing this, um with a lot of help from the community, and a lot of volunteers we managed to put together our little event here today that opened the pottery festival. And we got the local author in here today as well, and were hoping to do a really good day and have a big crowd and that’s pretty much about it," said Museum Coordinator, Beth Larabee.

The Pottery Festival will host all kinds of fun events all weekend long.