Art Walk Downtown

Art Walk Downtown

by Ashley Drane on July 1, 2010

Tomorrow may be your chance to pick up some local art.

Friday is the art walk downtown and ZAPP on Main Street will be opening at 6 p.m. They will have live entertainment, food, and they will have artists including this months featured artist.

"Unique thing about this Friday night is that we’re promoting a calendar fundraiser and we have 35 or 40 of our members have donated 11 by 14 art work or photo work or sum other types of artwork and then the general public can come in and vote," Gary Graham Member of ZAAP said.

Graham said the top 12 that get the most tickets or votes will be on the calendar. Then, they will be for sale by a silent auction. He said it’s fun to enjoy not only the artwork but the people

"You’ll see people you know, you’ll stand around, before you know it an hour and half has gone by and you’ve met a lot of people and seen a lot of artwork and it’s just a real enjoyable evening, " Graham said.

Graham said on Sunday ZAAP will be open from 6PM to 9PM and will have all new artwork.