August to Promote Child Support Awareness

by Brittany Shannon on July 29, 2010 at 6:28 am

A state-wide declaration has been passed down to Muskingum County.

The month of August has been deemed Child Support Awareness Month by Governor Ted Strickland and now County Commissioners. Child Support Enforcement officers say that their goal is to provide information to the community.

"We would like people in the community to be aware of the services provided and are available at their local child support enforcement agency, whether you be a tax payer and just have an interest in what’s going on at the agency or possibly somebody that might be in need of some of our services," says Deputy Director of Child Support Enforcement, Vince Durant.

To raise awareness throughout the month, the county will be placing billboards along Maple and Greenwood Avenues. They are also issuing wanted posters with individuals who have failed to pay child support.

"We’ve found over the last several years that this wanted poster is about 70 percent effective in that we can expect to find about seven out of 10 of the people that we get on this wanted poster," says Durant.

Anyone seeking more information can contact the Child Support Enforcement office or go to their website at