Beating the Heat

by Emily Baird on July 24, 2010 at 8:27 am

It’s hard to stay cool when temperatures are soaring into the mid-90’s.

Some of us are fortunate enough to hide out in the air conditioning to stay cool, but we met up with two residents who aren’t as lucky.

"It’s been in the high 90’s inside the house. (We’ve got) the fan cranking. Yeah, I think next time I’ll get an apartment with an air conditioner, central unit, " says Blue Rock resident Julie Kitsos.

"We just turn on the fans and enjoy the fans, " says Nashport resident Phyllis Kirkbride.

So Kirkbride and Kitsos are finding other ways to beat the heat.

"Going outside and being in the creek is good. We did that a little bit earlier today. I took my son out, and we walked in the creek a little bit, " says Kitsos.

"We drink a lot and eat ice cream, just all the cool things you can have. We don’t go and get a steak or anything like that because he (my husband) says it’s too hot to eat hot food. So, we eat all the cold foods, " says Kirkbride.

The Colony Square Mall in Zanesville seemed to be a hang-out for people to keep cool along with some who ventured to area pools.

Zanesville was three degrees shy of tying the record high of 95 set back in 1999.