Better Boating at Buckeye Lake

by Ashley Drane on July 22, 2010 at 12:14 pm

With temperatures in the 90’s this weekend you can bet there will be plenty of people boating.

Ohio Department of Natural Resources Deputy Director Tony Celebrezze said a new boat ramp and recent renovations were dedicated Thursday at Buckeye Lake. Now boaters can get in the water faster which is great in this heat.

"We expanded the ramp itself and then we added a dock,"Celebrezze said.

Celebrezze said this will make access easier for everyone and there is a third lane on the ramp to allow more boats to get in an out.

"This lake being close proximity to Columbus, Zanesville, and other areas. It really has a tremendous pressure on it, a lots of usage, and recreation here. The mission of the department is to provide access to our green spaces and to our water features. By expanding this dock we allow more folks access to it," Celebrezze said.

The five year project was competed this spring.