Big Blasts: It’s a Family Business

by Brittany Shannon on July 2, 2010 at 7:15 am

We all enjoy a good fireworks show, but do you ever wonder who’s behind the big booms.

Stephen Vincent is a pyrotechnic, and has been setting off fireworks for a long time. He knows all that goes into make a great show.

"About 15 years we’ve been doing it, it started out i gave a guy a ride and started talking and said that sounds like something fun to do so we became friends and I’ve been shooting ever since and I’ve passed it on to some members of my family," says Stephen Vincent.

Vincent lights all fireworks by hand, and has been using the assistance of his daughter for years. To be a licensed pyrotechnic you have to be 21-years-old, so upon coming of age, last year Vincent’s daughter set out on her own to put on her own shows.

"It’s a good bonding thing, we have fun together. You share something like that with that much adrenaline and it’s pretty cool," says Amelia Vincent.

Amelia will be setting off fireworks at the Zanesville Country Club this Sunday while her dad puts on the show at Zane Landing.