Boy Scouts of America 100th Birthday

by Brittany Harris on July 31, 2010 at 6:02 am

The Boy Scouts of America are celebrating 100 years of service.

It’s a nationwide celebration that brought members to the Colony Square Mall.

"We are showing the community what scouting is all about with various demonstrations, various displays of scouting, activities that kids to interact with," said Commitee Member, Karen Jones.

Jones believes the organization can really help the youth and encourages others to join.

"It gives them self confidence, it teaches them responsibility, it’s a lot of fun, we have a great time and it’s like a big family, and it’s a great organization to be a part of," said Jones.

A parade was also held from the mall to the North Terrace Church, where all members were able to watch the Ultimate Scouting Show.