Cambridge Run and Countryside Ride

by Brittany Harris on July 31, 2010 at 5:57 am

Sometimes competition isn’t so important.

Runners and bycyclists gathered for the 11th Annual Cambridge Run and Countryride Ride on Main Street.

"It was put together in 2000 as just a 5 and 10 k run by some friends and i, and then in 2004 we gave it to main street cause they have a lot of promotional events to bring people to downtown cambridge, and then in 2006 we added a bike tour to it," said Co-chairman, Tom Davey.

The bikers could choose between the 25 or 45 K ride.

"They kind of go over the river and through the woods until they get to Salt Fork State Park, and then they go into the park, and it’s just a beautiful park and the reason we’ve tried to use it is because the speed limit in the park is only 35 miles an hour, so we know the runners are safe," said Davey.

Although the bike ride was just a tour, those who competed in the 5 and 10 K run had the opportunity to win some trophies.