Code Enforcement Committee Defines “Vacant Homes”

by Brittany Shannon on July 21, 2010 at 6:26 am

The definition of vacant and abandoned homes was discussed in a code enforcement meeting today.

City Council members along with the Code Enforcement Committee met to discuss a recent amendment to an existing ordinance. The revised ordinance clarifies when a home is considered vacant.

"The thrust of this legislation was to target vacant and abandoned houses where people have just walked away and left them. And so if an individual is, even though a house is vacant, even though they’re taking care of them we are not going to consider them as a vacant home," says Tim Smith, the Building Inspector for the City of Zanesville.

If a home is considered abandoned, it is registered with the City of Zanesville and they try to find an individual responsible for the property. But at times, an owner can not be reached, that’s when the city can take action.

"It also gives us the capability for those properties that are truly abandoned where we’re not going to get any response, no registration, it gives us the capability to do postings on the property," says Smith.

If maintenance is required for grass cutting, weed pulling or even demolition, charges will be placed on the property.