Collections Become Complete at Pottery Convention

by Brittany Shannon on July 11, 2010 at 7:35 am

What’s a collection if it’s not complete? Pottery enthusiasts are always on the hunt for that one piece that might put the finishing touches on their collections.

This weekend at the Ramada Inn, ‘Pottery Lovers’ held their annual reunion that gives them the chance to look through others’ collections.

"There’s people from all over the United States to find pottery that they need for their collections and there’s people that come just to sell those pieces," says John Stofft, Pottery Lovers President.

Because Zanesville had all of the natural resources to make pottery, many renowned potters were established here. That’s why so many people come to the ‘once’ pottery capital of the world.

"They pretty well travel all over your area here within a 50 mile radius at every antique mall, house that has a yard sale sign out looking for pottery," says Stofft.

Next year, Pottery Lovers hope to hold their reunion on the same weekend as ‘Taste of Zanesville.’