Community Ambulance Making Heat-Related Runs

by Emily Baird on July 8, 2010 at 8:39 am

It’s day five of temperatures reaching the 90’s, and some local residents are starting to succumb to this heat wave. Community Ambulance says it’s been on at least 20 runs this week, with most of those occurring within the past two days.

"Typically if you see a day where there’s just a small heat spike, one or two days, is not that big of a deal. Most people compensate and their bodies tolerate that, " says Executive Director, Phil Koster.

But Koster says if it’s a prolonged heat, people’s bodies start to become depleted of needed fluids and electrolytes, and there are steps crews need to take to make sure your body temperature doesn’t escalate.

"If their body temperatures are hot or if they’re really exhausted and they haven’t kept up with their drinking through oral means, we’ll immediately start IV’s and then direct fluids through their blood system, " says Koster.

Most of the runs have dealt with heat exhaustion, but Koster says there have been a few heat stroke cases. People have also suffered minor sunburn injuries.