Contribute to Tyler Hardin Fund

by Brittany Shannon on July 22, 2010 at 8:36 am

There’s an effort underway in Muskingum County to help the family whose son was shot to death in Zanesville this month.

After the murder of Tyler Hardin of Zanesville, family friend Natina Howe wanted to help in some way. Howe coached Tyler and worked with his mother, Kim ,for years. She knows that the family needs help with funeral expenses and urges people to contribute to a fund set up at Century National Bank.

"Just put yourself in their situation. I know, like I said, as a mom I can’t imagine. And just by knowing them, anything you can do to help them out, he needs a headstone, and to help with the burial costs, and if you’re sitting back, saying I feel bad for them, this is an opportunity just to help out," says Natina Howe.

Anyone who wants to support the family can go to any Century National Bank branch.

"$5 from 20 different people can go a long way for somebody who really needs it," says Howe.

All proceeds given into the Tyler Hardin Fund will go directly to his family.