Council Moves Rezoning Issue Onto Final Reading

by Brittany Shannon on July 12, 2010 at 9:41 am

The debate over rezoning the former Family Y is still a hot topic at City Council.

The legislation to turn the property off of McIntire Avenue from a residential to a commercial property was in its second reading tonight. If passed it would allow property owner Ryan Dodson to move his American Pride business to the site. Council members voted to pass the ordinance on to it’s final reading in two weeks.

"I voted for the zoning at that time and thought the way the ordinance reads, go from residential to commercial and I think it’s a commercial piece of property. Therefore, I voted for it a year ago and that’s why I put my name on it this time because I still think it’s a commercial piece of property and we need to vote it in as a commercial piece of property," says Councilman Jeff Tilton.

Martha Sullivan along with fellow community members urged council members to table the issue for 90 days pending a preliminary hearing against various members of council. A complaint was filed before the Ohio Election’s Commission saying that Dodson had provided advertising for certain members.

"My name was put up on a billboard and on some advertisements. When the man called me about it i told him i didn’t want to be involved but I got involved anyway as for that doing anything for my vote, no," says Councilman Tilton.

In other Council news, declaring an emergency, Council passed legislation to amend the 2010 budget. In it, $2,300 is being transferred from the police fund to the airport fund.

An ordinance was also passed that will replace existing air conditioning units at the Salvation Army. The total cost is $5,500 and will come out of the revolving loan fund.