County Commissioners Looking into 2011

by Brittany Shannon on July 12, 2010 at 5:51 am

Muskingum County Commissioners held a budget meeting for 2011, and say things are looking similar to last year.

Each department must put up their ‘wish list’ for 2011. The proposed budget is slightly more than $31 million which commissioners say will be cut down when the final budget is approved. They say that county expenditures are currently down by approximately $200,000 from last year.

"All the departments are working together on this years’ budget. I mean, we’ve cut back on appropriations. The judge’s and everybody else is cutting back on spending so everybody is watching it pretty closely so we intend not to cut any services and keep everything running status quo," says County Commissioner, John Bates.

General fund revenues for the county fall at about $24 million.

"We’re pretty fortunate, and i think that next year going into 2011 and we get the final numbers we will probably have close to the same numbers as last year," says Commissioner Bates.

25 percent of the budget will be adopted before the new year, and the complete budget should be in place by April 2011.