Earth to Art

by Brittany Harris on July 14, 2010 at 7:14 am

Community members gathered outside the John McIntire Library in downtown Zanesville for the 4th Annual Earth to Arts event.

From arts and crafts for kids, to adult workshops, the Earth to Arts event had something for everybody.

A raffle was also held, those who entered could win one of many great pizes, including: flower arrangements, paintings, and other pieces of art.

"We have several categories today in youth and adult, we have plants, we have cut flower boquets, we have photography, paintings, there is something for everyone. And we have several businesses who have very generously donated to us this year, so we hope that everyone will come down today between noon and seven thirty to see our event," said Beth Brown, President of Master Gardener.

Toni Leland, a local author and master gardener created this event in 2007 as a way for everyone to become more involved.

"I was trying to think of a way for master gardeners could be introduced to the community. A lot of the community didnt know what we do, and give something to the community that they could participate in," said Leland.

All the the plants and artwork were donated by community members and volunteers from the Master Gardeners.

Brown believes that everyones contributions is what made the event so successful.

"Well I am chairperson but I certainly don’t feel like im in charge, it takes a lot of people to make this a successful event. Master gardeners have all jumped in, put a lot of time, several people, a lot of money into making this event something for our community, so its a group project with a lot of people," said Brown.

All of the proceeds from the event will be donated.

"The money that we raise today will go towards teachers in Muskingum County towards grants so everything that comes about today we’re going to give to Muskingum County teachers," said Brown.

The first year the Master Gardeners raised 1,900 dollars, and last year 2,500 dollars, this year they hope to make even more.