Escaped Juveniles Caught

by Ashley Drane on July 5, 2010 at 11:44 am

Zanesville police spent half the night out searching for a group of teens.

Captain Mike Baker said a group of ten juveniles tried to make a getaway last night from their Juvenile Counseling Center for Kids with Deviant Behavior on Main Street. He said they used the fireworks as a cover for their escape.

"We found them all over the city out on the interstate there were ten of them and it took us most of the night to round them all up," Baker said.

All ten of them have been returned but Baker said it really was a major drain on their ability to protect the city plus he said they would do whatever it took to get home.

"I would be more concerned for the citizens of zanesville these are all some of them are criminals and some of them are not they are trying to get home and they could steal cars or who knows what they could do to get back to their homes."

Baker said they currently aren’t facing any charges.