Genesis Trauma Center to Be Looked Over

by Emily Baird on July 13, 2010 at 6:56 am

Genesis Good Samaritan Hospital is one step closer to having a fully-operational trauma center.

The American College of Surgeons out of Chicago will be making a consultative visit tomorrow and Thursday.

"They’ll look at our program as we’ve constructed it and built it. They’ll look at our personnel. They’ll look at our processes. They’ll look at our policies. They’ll look at our practices, and they’ll make some recommendations. Then they’ll come back in a year, " says Trauma and Emergency Services Director, David Davis.

It will make a second visit in a year to see how the hospital took its recommendations. If it’s satisfied with the results, it will verify the trauma center, which Davis says this community is in desperate need of.

"There’s now no trauma center in Southeast Ohio closer than Columbus or Marietta. We feel like we really need to bring the service here to Zanesville and to Southeast Ohio, " says Davis.

The trauma facility, located at Southeastern Ohio Medical Center in Cambridge, lost its trauma center at the beginning of this month. Staff say the hospital didn’t have the funding to keep a trauma doctor on-call 24/7.