Gun Shots Hit Too Close to Home for Heath Residents

by Brittany Shannon on July 20, 2010 at 7:16 am

Multiple gun shots were fired right next to a Heath apartment complex. It has many residents concerned.

It was early in the morning when Heath Police received the call.

"About one o’ clock in the morning, we received multiple calls of gun shots and also a large group of people," says Heath Police Chief Tony Shepherd.

Police responded to the field behind Garfield Elementary School which borders the Heathwood Apartment Complex. When they arrived those who were armed had already fled.

"What we’ve gathered is that an altercation between the two groups occurred, it escalated with makeshift weapons, shots were fired and fortunately nobody was hurt," says Chief Shepherd.

Some residents were up for the altercation.

"The guys that ran this way had sticks and chains and then i heard at least four gun shots," says Heathwood resident, Amy McPherson.

Heathwood resident, Chuck Davis says, "there’s a lot of kids that play at this park, I’d just like to keep it, all the violence and the older kids with the violence out of here, for the kids."

Children from all over the neighborhood use the park, and after last night, Chuck’s son Brad had some work to do.

"Cleaning up the trash from the older kids, throwing it down," says Bradley Davis.

Among the litter, he even found a bullet casing. No one has been arrested, and police are still investigating. But in the meantime, residents remain uneasy.

"It’s upsetting because i have small children and you know, luckily, they were out here in this field if they would have done that in between these apartment they could have shot anybody so it’s a little nerve racking," says McPherson.  

Police are asking the community to be on the look out for a burgundy Chrysler Sebring with a broken windshield. The vehicle is believed to be a part of the investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call the Heath Police Department at 740-522-2141.