Guns v. Hoses Blood Drive

by Emily Baird on July 9, 2010 at 6:14 am

Paula Lively is a living example that donating blood can make a difference.

She had complications from surgery she had 3 years ago.

"…and almost died from that surgery. I had a blood transfusion and the blood clotted it off. It saved my life, " says Lively.

Lively’s father also was saved by donated blood when he was younger and received serious burns to his body. Every person who donated during the blood drive at the Perry Township Fire Department this afternoon had the potential of saving 3 lives, but the turnout was fairly low.

"During the summertime, people are on vacation. They travel and they don’t have time, but you must take the time, " says Lively.

Those who donated also where given the opportunity to vote either in favor of team Guns or team Hoses. The results of which team will win the blood drive should be made public later this month.