Have a Part and ‘Fix Ohio Now’

by Brittany Shannon on July 14, 2010 at 4:57 am

The race for governor is on, and candidate John Kasich wants your ideas on how to "Fix Ohio now."

Kasich’s campaign started a website called "www.fixohionow.com."

They are asking Ohioans to talk about their problems and ideas for potential solutions. Mary Taylor is Kasich’s running mate.

"We all know that Ohio is in a mess and i think many of us agree that staying on this current path is not going to fix our state. And so our goal really is to reach out to Ohioans and say that we want to work together to solve our problems and this is one way if we can’t see you in your home community, and it would be hard for us to personally meet 11 million people in the state of Ohio, but we want you to go to this website and be a part of the solution," says Mary Taylor.

Taylor says that a major issue facing Ohio is the high jobless rates. Kasich wants Ohio to appeal to small businesses, and encourage them to provide their opinions on the site.

"Be a place where businesses say, you know what, i want to go to Ohio. Ohio has great people, they have great talent, they have great resources and now they have an economic climate where we know we can be successful," says Taylor.

The site has been up and running for more than a month. Taylor says they have already received 4,200 hits and hundreds of valuable submissions. They would like to encourage any Ohioan to take advantage by logging in to www.fixohionow.com and provide feedback.