Heat Leads Many to Water

by Brittany Shannon on July 5, 2010 at 4:42 am

They don’t call them lazy summer days for nothing.

In the heat of the Summer it seems like people gravitate to the water and today was no different at Putnam Landing Park. Eight-year-old Macy Wilson was spending her time in the shade.

"It’s a hot day, we were relaxing," says Wilson.

Scott Nichols and his family were on their way home from visiting family members over the holiday. They stumbled across the park and thought it looked like a good place to stay cool.

"We usually try to find a pool somewhere whether it be at a town pool or somebody’s pool or we go to a lake or a river or something like that, just being near water, i don’t know it just feels like you can cool off that way," says Nichols.

The heat index is expected to stay in the upper 90’s for the remainder of the week. Check out our online forecast for more.