Heat-Stricken Crops

by Emily Baird on July 27, 2010 at 5:51 am

The continuous rounds of 90-degree temperatures are taking a toll on local farmers.

It’s slowing done the production on some crops.

"Some of the crops will come together that we have spaced . It will make all the crops come together at one time. It’ll kill off some of the crops. Some of the zucchini and squash can’t take that heat and the cucumbers sometimes die off, " says Karen Schroeder of Schroeder’s Vegetable Farm.

One crops that has been thriving in the heat though is corn. Schroeder says it’s been a strenuous effort over the past few weeks to pick and groom the fields.

"We start way early. We start as soon as the sun comes up-as soon as you can see. We try to get out of the fields by noon or one, " says Schroeder.

So far, the region has been getting enough rain so the Schroeders haven’t had to use much of their irrigation system, which consists of a drip line and overhead watering.