Help Me Grow Safety Picnic

by Ashley Drane on July 9, 2010 at 12:28 pm

A local organization wants to make sure kids learn safety.

Help Me Grow held their annual summer safety picnic Friday at Kidzville to teach kids what to do in emergencies.

"We talk to them a lot about summer safety about using sunscreen on their children and what’s a good amount of time to be out in the sun. We have the smoke house for them to tour to learn about fire safety. So it’s really just a fun summer event for the families," Heather Rice said.

Rice said fire safety is very important even to children who are really young.

"I think parents forget that young kids can learn about fire safety, what fire is, or how to get out of a burning building and how you check the door if it’s hot," Rice said.

Rice said even though Help Me Grow serves families that have kids under three-years-old, they can still learn and so can the family to help them be safe.
To learn more about the Help Me Grow call 740- 450-3275.