Keeping Kids Fit & Healthy

by Emily Baird on July 9, 2010 at 6:16 am

More than 50 local kids from the Lifewell and Eastside Community Ministries are learning what it takes to be healthy.

16-year-old Hannah Thomas is the coordinator of the "Fun and Fit Camp" that’s been going on for the past 3 days.

"I wanted to make a big difference in those kids’ lives, and I wanted to also teach them about fitness and nutrition because that’s really important. They can keep those lessons learned all throughout their lives, " says Thomas.

Medical professionals were brought in to teach the kids about the food pyramid and other health issues. They also were staying active by taking part in scavenger hunts, playing basketball, and making dinner settings for their families. Thomas says it wasn’t hard to teach these kids about healthy habits.

"They like to play. It’s easy. They can go out at the playground, play at recess, and even just doing chores around their house, " says Thomas.

The "Fun and Fit" camp is a part of Thomas’ 65-hour service project she had to take part in to receive her Girl Scout Gold Award.