Keeping Your Pet Safe

by Brittany Harris on July 23, 2010 at 8:24 am

With the temperatures souring outside, it’s important to keep your animals safe.

Following a few recommended tips from the Animal Shelter Society of Zanesville, will help keep your pet out of danger.

"First and foremost for people who have pets outdoors they’ve gotta make sure they have plenty of cool water to drink, they need a place to get in and out of the sun, and you know a place of shade that is more comfortable for them," said Larry Hostetler, Executive Director for the Animal Shelter Society of Zanesville.

Animals should be more closely supervised to check for heat exhaustion and hydration.

"Shorten the time span they’re up, you know outside, make sure you’re checking them to make sure they’re not overheating and take them out more frequently and shorter periods of time," said Hostetler.

Allowing an animal to over heat or become dehydrated is considered a form of animal abuse.