Landmark Clock Split in Half

by Emily Baird on July 21, 2010 at 6:00 am

A clock that many Zanesvile residents consider to be a local landmark is destroyed.

The hand-crafted piece stood in front of Terry Renner’s 443 Brighton Boulevard home. It was an anniversary present he made for his wife back in 1998.

"My wife got a booklet from one of her friends as a wedding present-Thomas Kincaid paintings-and in that painting, there was a stone cottage that had a wall. It had a clock in the one gate pillar, and she thought that would be a clever idea, " says Renner.

But vandals swung on the clock until it split in half Monday night. It isn’t the first time Renner’s house has been targeted.

"They’re stealing our flower pots, breaking them on the ground, pulling them up out of the ground, and just leaving them lay, " says Renner.

He says he’s giving the three individuals until Thursday to turn themselves in, or he is having the police go after the teens and their parents. Renner’s home is close to a business that has a video camera of the event taking place and his neighbor is an eye witness to the crime.