Learning Pottery Techiniques

by Emily Baird on July 9, 2010 at 6:12 am

Pottery is going to be on many people’s minds this weekend, which marks the kick-off of the pottery festival in Muskingum County, but did you ever wonder what goes into making these pieces of art? You can have a first-hand look by signing up for pottery classes with Andrew Hoffer or Arthur Kettner at Zanesville Pottery, which is located just off US 40.

"To start with, it’s easy to kind of pick it up. It takes time to practice and to maintain those skills, to maintain all the different things you can do with it, " says Hoffer.

Hoffer says he finds people love pottery because of the creativity behind it.

"The idea that clay is malleable and impressionable, that you can pretty much do anything you want with it, from making little tiny figurines to really big, huge pots, " says Hoffer.

He finds that pottery attracts the young and the old.

If you’re interested in taking a class, call 740-872-3345.