Newark residents exposed to Carbon Monoxide

by Brittany Harris on July 13, 2010 at 7:12 am

Nine residents of Newark were taken to Licking Memorial Hospital this morning for exposure to carbon monoxide in their home.

The Newark Fire Department along with Heath and Madison Township responded to the emergency at 236 Wilson Drive in Newark.

"The first step is actually we keep ourselves safe, second step is remove our patients from the atmosphere, third thing we do is shut down the utilities and the power, monoxide is a biproduct of combustion, so we don’t want any furnaces, gas stoves, hot water tanks operating, so we remove the gas, and then we cut the electric, to stop the problem," said Assistant Chief Bill Spurgeon.

Spurgeon said the residents of the home were very lucky to have been rescued in time. The carbon monoxide levels inside the home were considered lethal.

"Carbon monoxide, the danger of it is it’s tasteless, it’s odorless, you don’t know you’re taking it on board, but what it does is it binds with your bodies hemoglobin and it affects your bodies ability to oxygenate, what i mean by that is you can breathe just fine, but you can’t transport oxygen at the cellular level to your heart, your brain, your lungs, and that’s where the danger is," said Spurgeon.

According to a Licking Memorial Hospital representative, all patients have been treated and released.