Old Zanesville School Almost Gone

by Ashley Drane on July 16, 2010 at 5:31 am

Soon you’ll be able to see a new high school off of Blue Avenue.

Within the next couple of weeks the old Zanesville High School will be completely knocked down.

"It’ll be down probably by the third week of August. Now it wont be hauled away by then, but hopefully they have it all on the ground by then," Darell Lear said.

It will take a couple of months until it’s totally gone. The goal is to have it cleared away by November.

"Usually the last day you can get any paving materials is like the second week in November. We’d like to have most of it or the majority paved by then," Lear said.

He said the rest of the gym will come down in a couple of days and the main section of the school will follow. Lear said when it’s gone you will be able to see the brand new school.