Pottery Has Creative Touches

by Emily Baird on July 12, 2010 at 7:29 am

For the next 10 days, pottery is going to be all the rage in Muskingum County, and people are traveling from all over the country to get their hands on these historic pieces of art.

Staff from Zanesville Pottery, which is located just off US 40, say they’re thrilled with the turnout.

"It’s been a little better this year, although this is the first day. People come out during the week so it seems to pick up as we go, " says Kim Castor of Zanesville Pottery.

Wayne and Leslye Arnold were out browsing some of the different pieces. They say they stopped on their way to judge a sheep sheering contest in Cadiz.

"I like a lot of the different crocks and bowls. I love a lot of the dishware too. I like the fact that it’s microwave-oven safe and lead-free paint, " says Leslye.

"…and it’s made in Ohio," says Wayne.

"…exactly, " says Leslye.

"People are just wanting to come into a central location where they can see a lot of product, a lot of different product, not only pottery but several other crafts and unique products that they don’t normally see when they are out traveling, " says Castor.

Some of those unique items include pieces from Mexico and the Navajo Indians in the Southwestern US.

To take a look at all the pottery events going on during the festival throughout Muskingum County, visit www.zmchamber.com.