Recycle Your Computer Safely

by Ashley Drane on July 9, 2010 at 7:41 am

A local recycling program wants to collect your old electronics.

Muskingum County Recycling and Prevention is having a three day recycling event.

"We are collecting computers, televisions, monitors, electronics,  printers, copiers, switch boxes, telephones, and we’re even collecting cell phones," Robert Reiter said.

Reiter said they take them to a place that offers the best security on computer hard drives.

"Any of the computers that come in are reformatted and the hard drives on them are overwritten 21 the Department of Defense specifications. They are then put into a shredder and none of the hard drives survive the process," Reiter said.

He said they collect computers throughout the year but this is the only time they guarantee safety security on them. Reiter said it’s important to recycle especially because everything in a computer can be reused.

You can drop off your electronics  Monday July 12 through Wednesday July 14th at the Muskingum County Emergency Management Office on Old Adamsville Road from 9am to 2pm.