Salvation Army Shelter Full

by Emily Baird on July 7, 2010 at 7:05 am

The Salvation Army’s shelter in Zanesville is at capacity.

Staff say the numbers of people coming through their doors have really gone up because of the heat.

"We have 35 beds, but we can go to an overflow of 50. If we have to, we will open up the gym or the recreation room and put some cots in there. (We’ll) do what we have to do, " says Captain Ralph Campbell.

Some people are coming in because they don’t have air conditioning in their homes, but most of them are homeless.

"Even under the bridge, near the water, it’s still hot. I would much rather be in a place that would give me air conditioning and food than to lay under a bridge, starve, and die of heat exhaustion," says Campbell.

Campbell says the Salvation Army works with other organizations, like the Red Cross, to make sure they have enough cots to go around and so they don’t have to turn anyone away.