Thornville Comes Together for Holiday Celebration

by Brittany Shannon on July 5, 2010 at 4:37 am

People lined up along Main Street in Thornville to get a good seat for the show today.

The village started its Fourth of July celebration with a parade Monday morning that traveled from the elementary school down Main Street. Everyone has their favorite parts.

Joseph Ortman’s says his favorite part is "squirting all the gymnasts."

"The fire trucks because everyone holds their ears because it gets really loud and they squirt us which cools us off a little bit so it’s great," says Krystal Ortman.

Gordon Crader has lived in Thornville for 56 years and says the celebration is one of his favorite things in town.

"Come to the parades and see the people that I’ve known all the years, some of them and some of them gone and they always have a big parade, a nice parade," says Crader.

Thornville also held their Thorn Dunker Three on Three basketball tournament today.