Thousands of Marijuana Plants Discovered

by Kelly Mills on July 29, 2010 at 10:40 am

Thousands of marijuana plants were discovered Thursday growing in Muskingum County.

A Bureau of Criminal Investigation helicopter spotted the plants growing in a forest about two miles off of Big Run Road in Adams Township.

"We come across our marijuana fields in two different ways and that’s flying random and just having good spotters that see it and we have intelligence that we gather throughout the year and every little tip we get we record and we take all that intelligence. And then we forward that to BCI and we only have so much air time, so we give them our list of intelligence that we have," says Sheriff Matt Lutz.

Sheriff Lutz says to get to the marijuana investigators had to cut their way back into the area. The Muskingum, Perry, Coshocton and Licking Sheriff’s Departments, the Muskingum County Road Department, Emergency Management Agency and the Washington Township Fire Department all worked together at the scene.

"Anytime you get into these situation it’s huge with resources and just trying to get everything out before dark," he says.

Sheriff Lutz says they’ve discovered more than 5,000 plants so far and now they’re working to determine who’s behind the marijuana. The Muskingum County Auditor’s Web site shows much of the land off of Big Run is owned by a power company.

"We do have evidence back there that there’s been people staying here and tending to the plants, which is the same M.O. that we’ve had from other fields," says Lutz.

The Bureau of Criminal Investigation had a crew on scene collecting physical evidence. The Sheriff’s Office will be transporting the marijuana to an undisclosed location to be held for evidence.