Visiting The Perry County Fair

by Brittany Harris on July 21, 2010 at 4:45 am

It’s all fun and games at the Perry County Fair in New Lexington.

From exicting rides to tasty food, there is something for everybody. The fair has been around for nearly 53 years.

Lee Wiseman, Coordinator, recalls the first fair, "It was just you had a tent right out here where you have the collesium now, it was just nothing like it is now, church stands and a few rides, but nothing like what we have today. "

Wiseman says a must see at the fair is the Porkchop Revue.

"Performing pigs you just wouldn’t believe what they can do. I really enjoyed that show, " said Wiseman.

Thursday is Senior Citizens Day and Farm Bureau Day, the fair will run through Saturday.