Water Main Break Leaves Residents Without Water

by Brittany Shannon on July 5, 2010 at 4:40 am

Multiple water main breaks in Roseville have resulted in half of the village without water.

Crews have been working since early Monday morning to repair three water lines. The first broke at the Main Street Bridge, and once crews valved the area, it created pressure, causing the others to break. Many residents are without water, and others have a limited supply remaining.

"That’s our plan right now is to get our tanks full. I think one tanks pretty well empty and we got about six feet left in the other tank," says Village Administrator and Police Chief, Jeff Slack.

Crews must fix the Main Street water main first before they can move on to the others. They hope to have water up and running by this evening, but are asking people to be patient.

"Conserve right now, it’s what we got to do. We’ve been through these things before and we’ll get through this, I mean, we’re working on it, we’ve got a good crew here," says Slack.

Officials are asking that residents refrain from doing laundry or washing cars until the breaks are fixed. The village is under a boil-water advisory until further notice.