Weasel Boy Partakes in Brew Week

by Emily Baird on July 14, 2010 at 11:53 am

Weasel Boy is one of 27 breweries that’s taking part in the annual Ohio Brew Week Festival in Athens.

Most of the bars and pubs located along court street take their regular brews off-tap and replace them with hand-crafted Ohio beers.

"It’s a great way to showcase what we do. We consider ourselves to be crafts people, just like local artists who paint. I mean we do something a little bit different. Our pallet is grain and yeast, but still, it’s a creative process trying to develop something folks will enjoy, " says assistant brewer Lori Wince.

There’s 127 different styles for people to choose from this year, and the mango wheat that Weasel Boy produces continues to be a favorite.

"It’s our summer seasonal. We use our regular American style wheat beer, and we infuse it with mango extract. So, it gives it a little bit of fruity flavor. It’s yummy, " says Wince.

Wince says she and her husband got the idea to make the beer after having mango ice cream at an Indian restaurant.

You can get a taste of the mango wheat and several other flavors that are carried at The Crystal, Tony’s Tavern, and Casa Nueva. The festival will wrap up Saturday.