When Heat Strikes, Fight Back With Fluids

by Brittany Shannon on July 6, 2010 at 6:18 am

Staying cool may seem like common sense, but often times the effects of heat can catch you by surprise.

When conditions are particularly humid, our bodies can’t sufficiently cool off, and that’s when we need to take precautions. The Muskingum Valley Red Cross urges you to stay inside, but here are some tips for those that are required to be in the heat.

"If you have things you have to do around the house, mow the lawn or whatever, do that really early morning or late afternoon or evening when it’s cooler. But if you do have to be working outside, drink plenty of fluids, preferably water," says Julie Davis of the Muskingum Valley Red Cross.

Drinking fluids is the key to keeping your body cool. Davis says that while sports drinks are ok, water is the best way to stay properly hydrated.

"You need to drink more water than what you think you need because thirst is not always an indicator of that so drink lots of fluids and don’t let it be too cold because you don’t want to change that internal temperature too quickly," says Davis.

Wearing a hat and light-weight clothing is also a good idea if you plan on being outside. Otherwise, stay cool in the air conditioning and check on your elderly neighbors.