Zanesville City Schools Will Start September 7th

by Emily Baird on July 26, 2010 at 5:34 am

The Zanesville City Schools administration says don’t expect any delays from the construction of three new buildings in the district.

Classes will start, as scheduled.

"So, all those who have rumors that we aren’t going to start until the 20th or the 13th, make sure you get to bed early on the 6th because you need to be at work on the 7th, " says Construction Liason, Darrell Lear.

There are only some odds-and-ends left to prepare the buildings.

"Most everything is on-site and most everything is installed. When you get down to phone lines, and computer lines-the little things that take a while-but they’re the last things you can put in, " says Lear.

The sidewalks need to be put in, and equipment along with furniture also have to be placed throughout the buildings. The only work that won’t be completed by September 7th, includes some exterior work on the landscape and pavement. Those are expected to be completed by late November.