Bat With Rabies Discovered in Muskingum County

by Brittany Harris on August 16, 2010 at 5:44 am

Public officials are spreading awareness about rabies after a man in Falls Township was bitten by a rabid bat last week.

The Muskingum County Health Department has a booth set up at the Muskingum County Fair in hopes to inform the public about the potential dangers of bats with rabies.

"We just wanted to make sure that people understand that bats do attract rabies, not all bats have rabies but bats, skunks, raccoons and foxes of those four animals those are the four animals in Ohio are synonymous with rabies," said Environmental Health Director, Mike Kirsch.

According to a public health guide, you can detect a rabid bat if it is in an unusual location, such as a bedroom, or if it is unable to fly. Kirsch says to avoid touching the bat if possible.

"Don’t try to contact the bat, touch the bat and again if it does bite you its teeth are so small you wouldn’t even know if it bit you or not," says Kirsch.

Kirsch says bats are most active during August and September. He says if you see a bat outside to just leave it be since they are not harming anyone.