Big Sisters Big Brothers

by Brittany Harris on August 22, 2010 at 5:24 am

Some youth in our community are in need of guidance.

The Muskingum Family Y hosted a Big Brothers Big Sisters picnic Sunday afternoon. The organization is nationally recognized for it’s mentoring program.  

"We won’t turn any child away, because every child always needs that special someone that might not be their mom or their dad, so they can just talk to about personal things," said Sarah Browning, Development Coordinator.

The program currently has over 300 matches locally, but there are kids still on the waiting list.

"The nice thing is, that it really doesn’t take a lot of time, two days a month for the community and one day a week for school based, so everybody has time to be a big," said Browning.

The program also serves neighboring Guernsey County. If you are interested in becoming a mentor you can visit