Competitive Grants to Improve Zanesville’s Neighborhoods

by Brittany Shannon on August 9, 2010 at 4:34 am

The city of Zanesville is working to improve the conditions of its neighborhoods, and two recently-awarded programs are helping out.

The Community Development Department applied for two competitive grants. The first is the Neighborhood Revitalization Program, and Zanesville was one of 11 applicants in the state to be awarded the funds. The $300,000 grant will be applied to various projects within Zanesville’s targeted East-End Neighborhood.

"The funds are used to assist and stabilizing and revitalizing a neighborhood so it’s to make the neighborhood a little bit more liveable and a little more suitable conditions," says Stacy Clapper, Community Development Director for the City of Zanesville.

The funds will be used for street improvements on Wayne Avenue, Dillon, Dulty and Davis Ct, the R-18 Sewer Separation project, water facility improvements on Grant Street, demolition of a condemned unit in the East End investment area, and paving at Jim Tucker Park.

The second grant, the Community Housing Improvement Program, also known as "CHIP," offers $500,000 in funding for eligible home-owners.

"We work on homes that are owner-occupied for the most part, and we facilitate within the city limits. These improvements are structural, anything that would be a health or safety issue," says Barb Larson, Housing Administrator for the City of Zanesville.

Anyone interested in receiving "CHIP" funding should call the Zanesville Community Development Department to see if they qualify for grant money. The department will begin reviewing applications later in the year.