Complaint Hearing Against Dodson and Zanesville City Council People

by Emily Baird on August 19, 2010 at 3:40 am

The Ohio Elections Commission will hold a hearing Wednesday morning at 10, concerning two complaints filed out of Zanesville.

Executive Director, Phillip Richter, says the first complaint Stephanie Zullo and Jonathan Cronin filed is against Ryan Dodson and American Pride Power. It says that Dodson failed to file a 30-B-1 form. Richter says corporations are required to do so if they make contributions for a ballot issue campaign.

Zullo and Cronin also filed a second complaint against Council people Heather Sands, Andrew Roberts, and Jeff Tilton along with former Councilman David Dittmar and Council candidate Cam Twarog. Richter says it claims these candidates didn’t include contributions made on their behalf.

During the hearing, Ritcher says he will make a recommendation to the Elections Commission on the matter, allow anyone attending to make a comment if they desire, and the Elections Commission will determine if a violation has occurred.