Congressman Zack Space Hopeful About Jobs Bill

by Brittany Shannon on August 5, 2010 at 9:11 am

Ohio’s 18th district United States Representative was in Zanesville Thursday night at a political rally.

Congressman Zack Space met with local supporters while the House is currently in recess. He will be back in Washington next week in a special session to vote on a bill that Congressman Space says will save more than 300 teacher’s jobs in the 18th district alone.

"It’s an emphasis on education. It’s a priority on education and within it lies the understanding that the last thing we can do at this point is for student’s sake is to cut those teachers from the program funding," says Congressman Space.

Apart from saving teacher’s jobs, the congressman says that students will suffer if the jobs bill is not passed.

"This legislation is vital to support the education of tens perhaps even thousands of students throughout the district," says Congressman Space.

After a 61-39 Senate vote, the bill moves to the house next week for passage. Space says that the timing of this bill, which provides $10 billion to school districts, is vital since schools are back in session in a matter of weeks.