Connecting Appalachia Bringing Hundreds of Jobs

by Brittany Shannon on August 18, 2010 at 11:18 am

U.S. Congressman Zack Space announces a new project that will bring hundreds of jobs to Appalachia.

Federal Government funding through the Recovery Act is providing a $66.5 million grant added to approximately $25 million in private funds to connect Appalachia. The project provides broadband Internet access across the region. Congressman Space says that Appalachia needs to be up to speed with major cities and suburbs.

"It helps not just bridge the technological gap, but the gaps and the challenges we have with regards to accessing education and health care, economic development tools, it takes over a lot of things," says 18th District Congressman Zack Space.

Congressman Space says that initially, the project will provide 700 jobs, but could end up being responsible for the creation of thousands. In addition to spurring the economy, it will greatly benefit the unreached.

"This project will provide access to 25,000 farms throughout the region, it will provide access to up to 155,000 small businesses, 125,000 homes that are completely unserved now in our region will be served," says the Congressman.

Space expects construction to begin in the Spring. Through various stages, he projects the project’s finish date to be within a couple years.