County Commissioners Receive Bids

by Brittany Shannon on August 2, 2010 at 4:40 am

Bids were placed before Muskingum County Commissioners Monday to provide free hookups for low-income housing.

The $880,000 sewer line project in Sonora is set to service approximately 57 homes. A portion of those homes qualify for free hookups, which is why various contractors placed their bids on Monday.

"We’ll award that bid probably Thursday of this week. That’s the reason we opened the bid up is because 23 of the houses qualified for low-to-moderate-income for a free hookup," says Muskingum County Commissioner, John Bates.

Horner Excavating, Messershmidt Construction, Rice Excavating, and Zemba Brothers placed their bids today. Commissioners expect to see others placed before they decide.

"Today we took bids from four different people, four different contractors, and we have an engineer that will look at the bids to make sure the bonding and all that stuff is in place and then he’ll recommend to us probably Wednesday his recommendations," says Commissioner Bates.

Commissioner Bates says that their decision could come as late as next Monday.