Crooksville Community Homecoming

by Brittany Harris on August 2, 2010 at 2:38 am

Planning events on Facebook is becoming very popular.

The town of Crooksville hosted it’s First Annual Community Homecoming at the Crooksville Village Park. The event spawned from an idea on Facebook by former Resident, Mike Hammer.

"This kind of involvement is what we have lost in our society, so this is an opportunity to come back and rub shoulders and be friends," said Committee Member, Mike Hammer.

Many of the attendees were pleased with the outcome.

"It is way more than I expected, actually I thought it would kind of just be steady all day, and we’ve had a lot of people today, and were really excited about it actually, im looking forward to next year and make it bigger and hopefully better," said Commitee Member, Brandon Wood.

"The Small Town of Crooksville" Facebook page was created by a 12 year-old and now has over 1,700 members.