Families on the Trails

by Brittany Shannon on August 28, 2010 at 5:26 am

It was a time for families to get together to do something they love.

The Zanesville Trail Riders held a family enduro open to all motorcycles and all ages. The Gaitten family from New Straistville calls themselves a ‘dirt bike family,’ and spent some quality time on the trails Saturday.

"I think these are a great thing. I’d like to see it catch on and more and more people come. It’s something smaller kids can do. There’s no pressure. The trails are great. It’s a great father/daughter, or father/son thing. Whatever you want to make out of it, it’s awesome," says father, Tom Gaitten.

The riders took off at 1p.m. All money raised benefits a local charity.

"The proceeds from this particular event are going to go to help Avondale Children’s Home. All those local people in the community that are helping this event, really that’s where the thanks goes," says Zanesville Trail Riders president, Kory Young.

The Zanesville Trail Riders have been holding the event for five years. Sunday, a 100-mile ride will be held for street-legal bikes only. Sign-ups will begin at 7a.m. at the Meadowcreek party barn on Coopermill Road.